Proudly Serving Michigan Since 1985

Smith Linestriping & Seal Coating provides top quality linestriping, sealcoating and other parking lot maintenance services at a fair price. Years of professional results and excellent customer satisfaction has helped us become one of Michigan's premiere Seal Coating and Linestriping companies, proving time and time again that our attention to detail and strong work ethic will always ensure expert results.

Our time-tested method begins by analyzing the overall condition of your parking lot, estimating the linear feet of cracks to be routed then cleaned with high pressure air and filled with hot rubber crack sealant. We then calculate the square feet of asphalt to be edged, power swept and covered with two coats of coal tar emulsion sealant with Fass-Dri sealer additive and two pounds of #80 mesh, non-skid silica sand per gallon applied. We proudly use Sherwin Williams traffic paint for all our pavement markings and stenciled images.


Smith Linestriping & Seal Coating is a Michigan based, family-owned and operated company. Because our roots and history are right here in Mid-Michigan, we know best how to service our customers and source the best products through our network of time-honored vendor relationships - all while accounting for the famous unpredictability of weather!


From sealcoating to signage and so much more, Smith Linestriping & Seal Coating is full solution for our customers. Partnering with many of the best asphalt companies and contractors in the area, we strive to be the first call our customer makes, and the only one they need.


Starting with only top-quality materials and ingredients, at Smith Linestriping & Seal Coating, we believe that a good job begins with the basics. We've been perfecting our sealcoating and paint formulas for over 30 years, ensuring that our customers get the highest value for their dollar.  We understand better than most that even the best work can get washed away with an unexpected storm, so if the unexpected happens, our customers can rest easy, knowing that we're committed to making it right.